Our kith and kin collection is nothing short of a labour of love!
Our current love/hate relationship with Nigeria is a reaction to loving that which causes you joy and pain in equal measure.

In the midst of the nationwide challenges, it is difficult to be inspired by that which is causing you heartbreak. Our community of artisans and workers struggle daily to find anything inspiring the country, which happens to be our constant source of inspiration.

The collection truly started when we downed our tools and had open conversations about the state affairs and how we were each affected. The hopelessness and despair was a result of being overwhelmed by the problems and not being able to see ‘salvation’.

When we looked at our accomplishments and collections past, we identified the sum of parts we all played. Our collective efforts and appreciation of each other, regardless of what the audience saw, was always the victory we walked away with.

Whilst we appreciate that Nigeria is much bigger that our collections, we also realize it is made up and dependent on people. If we were informed enough to hold our leaders accountable. If we hold ourselves accountable then maybe we will dare hold others accountable. If we recognize that Nigeria is not just land mass, national anthem and flag, but it is people, you and I.

We decided that we too must also actively take responsibility for the privilege and the privilege for the responsibility. We mustn’t abuse the privilege not take the responsibility lightly. We certainly must not leave it in the hands of others. Nigeria is not the preserve of some.

So we looked to our hands and hearts and resolved that we are the magic we are looking for! We are the solution we yearn. We have both the responsibility and privilege to be part of the upliftment for Nigeria!
Nigeria is us and we are Nigeria! God bless Nigeria! God bless us!