Inspired by the famous Lagos island fabric market of the same name, this collection took us back to Ankara prints but this time in a dizzying çhaotic’ mixed prints as seen in the multitude of fabric stalls that line the streets of BALOGUN market. The sights and sounds of the market reduce to a din the longer you stay in the market. As the chaos becomes familiar you realize that there is a melodic rhythm to the cacophony and the interjections from the hawkers are timed in a rather peculiar harmony that creates its unique symphony.

Home to the ubiquitous Ankara fabrics, Balogun spreads itself far enough to accommodate its most peculiar commodity. At first, it appears there is no rhyme or reason with the populous market until one takes on the eye of the locals, and only then do you come to understand the phenomenon that is the Balogun market.

The pieces in true Ituen Basi tradition can be worn together or as separates.

The collection consists of pants, tops, dresses in a clash of prints and colours. The collection is crowned with the signature tassels but this time it comes as Cleopatra bob wigs.